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Returns of receipts

Every month, Teaming will charge all the Teamers with an active form of payment their monthly contribution. In most cases, the euro will be charged, but there is a small percentage (1-3%) that will not be possible to collect. There are several reasons why it could happen:  from card expired to insufficient funds in the

How can I change my privacy policy?

In Teaming you can choose which data is public and which data is private. You can decide if you want to be private or public: The number of groups you are collaborating with and the money you have donated so far. The name of the Groups you are collaborating with. If your Teaming profile appears

How do I delete my Teaming Group?

To delete your Teaming Group, follow the steps below: 1. Log in to your Teaming account by clicking here. 2. Visit your Teaming Group. It is important that you follow these steps in this order (first log into your Teaming account and then visit the Group), because the option we are talking about in the

What payment methods can you use in Teaming?

You can donate your euro through: – Your bank account (IBAN). Only valid for the SEPA zone. – Your card (credit, debit, prepaid). Only valid for Europe. For countries outside this zone, we cannot ensure the service. Generally, banks in Europe issue cards that accept recurring payments but there may be banks that have specific

How is Teaming funded?

The Teaming platform is developed and managed by the Teaming Foundation, which makes possible that everything in Teaming is completely free thanks to the help of: The companies of the Board of Trustees of the foundation. The companies “Here we are Teaming“, who donate 1.000€/year to help us improve the platform. Companies that offer us

I would like to donate more than 1

In Teaming, you can only donate 1€ per month for each social cause. No matter who you are or where you come from, we are all equal and we all collaborate in the same way towards the success of the project. If you want to donate more money you have two options: Join another Teaming

How much does Teaming cost?

Teaming is completely free. We don’t charge any service fees to social causes or Teamers. Nor do we charge bank commissions, thanks to an agreement with Banco Sabadell. Therefore, each euro donated by Teamers is one euro that is allocated to the social causes. These conditions are valid for people who collaborate within the Eurozone.

What is Teaming?

Teaming is the idea that with 1€ we can’t do much on our own, but if we join forces we can achieve great things. Inspired by this idea, the Teaming Foundation launched the platform in 2012. This platform is a tool for any person, entity or company that wants to raise funds for a