Returns of receipts

Every month, Teaming will charge all the Teamers with an active form of payment their monthly contribution. In most cases, the euro will be charged, but there is a small percentage (1-3%) that will not be possible to collect.

There are several reasons why it could happen:  from card expired to insufficient funds in the Teamer bank account. Depending on the case, Teaming has classified receipt returns into two types:

– Soft. When the reason given to us by the Teamers’ bank indicates that the payment method is still active but that, on this occasion, the collection could not be processed. Also, when the bank does not give us enough information about the return. In this case, the Teamer will keep his/her payment method active and we will try again the next month.

– Hard. When the reason given by the bank for the return is that the card has expired, the account has changed, the account has been blocked or similar. It also occurs when we have received 3 consecutive soft receipt returns. In this case, Teaming considers that the Teamer payment method is not active, and we will not try to charge you again until she/he indicates a new one. You can see more information by clicking here.