Category: The awareness campaign

Other tips for your campaign

Besides all the recommendations for your campaign that you will find in this section, we give you some other pieces of advice for the emotional management for the persons who manage the campaign: Trial and error. When we launch a campaign, our goal is not to do it perfectly with the first try. It’s possible that

Tips for companies

If you have created a Teaming Group in your company to help a social cause, these recommendations may be useful for your internal campaign.  According to other companies, these actions are the best ones to spread your Group. 1. Welcome pack and welcome talk If our company has a welcome pack or a welcome talk

Tips for NGOs

If your Teaming Group is created by an NGO, that is, if it is an official Group, these recommendations may help you. These are ideas and tips for your campaign that we have seen work very well in other entities: 1. Integrate your Teaming Group in your entity To do a good integration of Teaming

Organising events to spread your Group

An event can be a great support act but we wouldn’t recommend it as the main action of your campaign.  On most occasions, the events won’t help you to get a lot of Teamers. However, the events can reinforce the main actions of your campaign. Although the conversion is difficult in these functions, it’s not

Influencers and celebrities

If you find some influencers or celebrities who want to help us with your awareness campaign, you will have a great opportunity to increase the number of Teamers of our Teaming Group. They have a lot of followers on Social Media or access to TV programs, two great channels to spread your Teaming Group. To

The Media

The Media are great allies. From our experience, the Media most impactful is TV, followed by radio and podcast and, finally, newspapers, first online and then offline. For you to make the most of any opportunity to appear in the media, we give you these recommendations: If they give you the opportunity to talk, don’t

Tips for individuals

Any person can create a Teaming Group to help himself/herself, to help another person o to raise funds for an NGO. In any case, most of the tips for NGO can be applied to this kind of Teaming Group. However, we give you some specific recommendations: 1. If you are raising funds for an NGO:

Planning your campaign

This is one of the most important parts of your Teaming Group: the planning of the awareness campaign that you are going to launch for your Teaming Group.  Before creating the content of the campaign – how you are going to communicate it – in this stage we would try to answer when, how much