What is Teaming?

Teaming is the idea that with 1€ we can’t do much on our own, but if we join forces we can achieve great things. Inspired by this idea, the Teaming Foundation launched the platform www.teaming.net in 2012. This platform is a tool for any person, entity or company that wants to raise funds for a social cause.

The key points of Teaming are as follows:

  • You can donate only 1€/month to each cause you collaborate with. No more, no less. The amount we donate is symbolic. Because the important thing is not how much you give, what truly matters is how many people join forces to support the same cause.
  • The donation is recurrent. Teaming is not about one-shot donations, it’s a monthly commitment. We stand by the causes and we help them make their projects sustainable.
  • Everything is automatic. We are responsible for all the technical processes to charge the donations to the Teamers. So, once they join, the Teamers don’t have to worry about anything: we charge their collaboration automatically. And the Teaming Managers only have to focus on the awareness campaign of their Groups. They don’t have to concern themselves about anything else.
  • Totally free. We do not charge any management or bank fees.
  • Transparent. All the information about the funds of the Teaming Groups and about the Teaming Foundation are public.
  • Social. Teaming was created to help social causes, so all the funds raised in Teaming are destinated to non-profits, people in need and other social projects.

For further information about what is Teaming and what we have achieved since we launched the platform, click here.

For further information about the Teaming Foundation, please click here.