Category: Manage your Teaming Group

How to add a Teaming Manager?

Un mismo Grupo Teaming puede estar liderado por más de una persona. En este artículo te vamos a explicar cómo añadir varios Teaming Managers. El Teaming Manager actual es quien puede escoger a otro Teaming Manager de entre el listado de Teamers del Grupo. El Teaming Manager, cuando visita la Ficha de Grupo, estando dentro de su cuenta Teaming, ve opciones adicionales en

How can I change the beneficiary account?

If your cause has changed bank accounts, you will need to reflect this change in Teaming so that the funds you collect in your Teaming Group reach the correct beneficiary account. You can change this account when you request the transfer of the funds collected in your Group. To do so, please follow the steps

Uncollected donations list

In this list, you will find the returns of receipts that you have had in a month. They are all the donations that couldn’t be collected and have been returned. Every 1st of the month, we increase your funds as many euros as you have Teamers, expecting to collect all the Euros. But some of

How to write to my Teamers with payment error?

When Teaming detects that a payment method is no longer valid, we inform the Teamer so that they can review their payment method and reactivate their monthly help. As Teaming Manager you also have a private message option to communicate with these Teamers and help them reactivate their donation. To access it, please follow the

The Teaming forum

In addition to the Teaming private mailbox, as Teaming Manager you also have an option to communicate with your Teamers using your Teaming Group forum. To access this section, follow the steps below: Access your Teaming profile by clicking here. If you have forgotten your password, click here. Once logged in, visit the section of

Supported countries for transfers

The platform currently supports transfers only to European countries. In other words, if your Group’s cause is located in a country outside Europe, you would not be able to use the platform just yet. We would love to support every country in the world, but we still have a little way to go there. The

The content of the campaign

It is very important that you take the time to think about how the campaign will be launched. Also, how the reminders will be, which will probably take less time but you will need them to be very effective as well. When preparing the email, posts, texts or any of the content you have decided