How can I reactivate my inactive Teamers?

Teaming donations are recurring and Teamers usually collaborate over a long period of time. For this reason, there may come a time when the payment method they originally indicated is no longer valid (because their card has expired, they have changed bank, etc.).

In recurring donations this is a common situation and there will be people who we will not be able to recover for a multitude of reasons. If you have a membership plan, I’m sure this also happens to you.

What Teaming does to reactivate them.

As soon as we receive a notification from the bank that we have not been able to collect payment from a Teamer, we send them an email informing them of the situation and inviting them to review their payment method. Depending on the reason and the situation, we contact you for three months at a time before we consider you inactive. And even then, we continue to inform you of the situation for three more months.

Even with all our dedication to recovering them, they are more likely to reactivate if you, as Teaming Manager, write to them as you have a closer relationship with your social cause.

How you can reactivate your inactive Teamers:

  • You can write to them through the private mailbox by filtering by ‘Inactive Teamers’. If you want to know how to do it we have this article: ‘How to write to my inactive Teamers’.
  • To get reactivation, it is important to inform them periodically about how the project is progressing through updates. This way they will understand how important their support is to you and when you write to them to ask for reactivation they will be more encouraged to do so.
  • Make a post on social networks reminding them of the importance of having the payment method active in Teaming. Here we would say that it should be a wink so that the person doesn’t feel bothered and from the understanding that everyone’s card expires.
  • Test which message works best. As always, we invite you to test and see what works best for you. Here are some ideas for messages you can use. What do I explain to inactive Teamers to get them to reactivate?

It is important that you always approach them with empathy and cordiality for the situation that person may be going through, as well as the possibility that they have decided to stop collaborating with your Teaming Group voluntarily.

We also recommend that you include this link: to make the process easier for the person.