What payment methods can you use in Teaming?

You can donate your euro through:

Your bank account (IBAN). Only valid for the SEPA zone.
Your card (credit, debit, prepaid). Only valid for Europe. For countries outside this zone, we cannot ensure the service. Generally, banks in Europe issue cards that accept recurring payments but there may be banks that have specific restrictions (less frequent in Europe, more frequent outside Europe ). We do not accept American Express cards.

Other considerations:

  • To receive the funds, the social cause must indicate an IBAN of which they are the holder – only SEPA zone accounts.
  • About cards as a method of payment: Teaming does not save card numbers. We use a system in which the cards are actually a code that is only valid for Teaming payments and can be only decoded by the banking system.

Can I collaborate with Paypal?

No, in Teaming we do not have Paypal as a payment method. In Teaming everything is 100% free, also the bank commissions and, in Paypal, the commissions cannot be free.

Can I collaborate by transfer?

We’re sorry, but we can’t count on this payment method because it would mean too much investment in management: it would involve manual controls that with other forms of payment are automatic.