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How can I stop my donation to a Teaming Group?

If you want to stop collaborating with a Teaming Group, follow these steps (we promise you that it’s longer to explain than to do it :P): Log into your Teaming account by clicking here. Indicate the email and password you use for Teaming. You will see a section with your personal information: your name and

Tips for joining a Teaming Group

If you are not a Teamer yet or if you are already one and you are thinking of joining a new Teaming Group, this post may be of your interest. Some of you have asked us what you should take into account before joining a Teaming Group. Honestly, there are many great causes and it

How much will I donate?

In Teaming we all donate 1€ per month per person and for each supported Teaming Group. No more and no less. The philosophy of Teaming is based on the idea that, with 1€, there is not much we can do, but if we join forces, we can achieve great things. We want everyone to be

I am not receiving the confirmation e-mail

If you have started the process of joining a Group but you are not receiving the confirmation email to finish setting up your account, it may be due to several reasons. The email arrives in the SPAM or promotions folder. Check the SPAM mailbox, trash, archived, Other and Promotions. If it is not in any

Returns of receipts

Every month, Teaming will charge all the Teamers with an active form of payment their monthly contribution. In most cases, the euro will be charged, but there is a small percentage (1-3%) that will not be possible to collect. There are several reasons why it could happen:  from card expired to insufficient funds in the

How to get my certificate of donations?

As a Foundation, Teaming can issue a donation certificate. This document gives you the right to have a tax relief in your annual tax returns. Since we are the ones who charge you the monthly euro and then we allocate it to the social cause you are collaborating with,  Teaming is the organisation that has