Tips for joining a Teaming Group

If you are not a Teamer yet or if you are already one and you are thinking of joining a new Teaming Group, this post may be of your interest.

Some of you have asked us what you should take into account before joining a Teaming Group. Honestly, there are many great causes and it is difficult to choose, but we expect to help you with these recommendations.

How to find a Teaming Group

  • In this section, you will find our featured Groups. These Groups combine effort, passion and transparency. We change the Groups in this section frequently, because we want to give them visibility as much as we can. You will also find Teaming Groups on the home page of Teaming.
  • From the header of the Teaming page, you will find access to the full Teaming Groups list and a search. You will be able to filter by field, region and other features.

What you should consider while choosing a Teaming Group

If you don’t know the cause or if it’s not one of our featured Groups, we recommend:

  • Groups that have already raised funds and have already transferred them to the bank account of the social cause. This way you can make sure that Teaming has verified the Group.
  • Groups with over 50 Teamers. So you can suppose that the Teaming Manager takes care of the Teaming Group and works hard for it. It doesn’t mean that smaller Groups don’t work hard but it’s only a way to prioritise.
  • Groups where the Teaming Manager shares details about the cause frequently. Every Group has a forum where the Teaming Manager can share updates or information about the cause. We recommend you join the ones that keep their Teamers informed.

If you are not a Teamer yet…

If you are joining your first Teaming Group, these tips may be helpful:

  • Joining with credit/debit card or bank account? Choose credit/debit card if you prefer that we charge you the Euro the 1st or 2nd of the month. Choose bank account if you prefer that we charge you the Euro a few days after that – from the 5th of the month.
  • If you choose IBAN (bank account) as a payment method, you won’t have to worry about the expiration date of your card or if you change it for any other reasons.
  • If your bank is Italian, we inform you that some of them charge a commission for paying your receipts (receipts like the light bill or Teaming). If that’s your case, the best option for you is to collaborate using your credit or debit card.
  • Check and adapt your privacy policy and your notifications policy to adapt your experience in Teaming to your preferences.