What does “Teamers with an inactive payment method” mean?

When a Teamer joins a Teaming Group for the first time, he/she indicates a card or bank account to donate their monthly donation.  This payment method will be valid for all the Groups this person joins or creates from that moment on.

Teaming donations are recurrent, and Teamers usually collaborate for a long period of time. As a consequence, there may come a time when the payment method they indicated at the beginning is no longer valid (because their card has expired, they have changed banks, etc.).

When Teaming detects that a payment method is no longer valid, we inform the Teamer and the Teaming Managers of her/his Groups. Until the Teamer indicates a new payment method again, we won’t try to charge her/him anymore.

To make this decision, Teaming relies on the reasons for receipt returns and the expiry date of the card.

In other words, the Teamers’ bank usually inform us of the reason why the payment could not be made. Depending on the reason, Teaming may know if this payment method is active or not. If it is not, Teaming will not try to charge this person again until she/he indicates a new payment method. If it is still valid and it’s just a one-time returned receipt, we will try to charge her/him again next month.