How can I stop my donation to a Teaming Group?

If you want to stop collaborating with a Teaming Group, follow these steps (we promise you that it’s longer to explain than to do it :P):

  • Log into your Teaming account by clicking here.
  • Indicate the email and password you use for Teaming.
  • You will see a section with your personal information: your name and the Groups you collaborate with.

  • Click on the one you want to stop donating to.
  • You will be redirected to the Teaming Group page. Scroll down and you will see an option with the message: “Unsubscribe me from this Group”.

  • Click on this option and you will see the message “Are you sure to leave the Group?”. After confirming, you will be no longer donating to the Group.

Another way to do it is to visit your Teaming profile and next to each Group with which you participate, you will also see this option.

It is important to mention that Teaming request the donations every 1st of the month at 3 am. So, make sure to unsubscribe before that date and time. Otherwise, you will have been charged for that month.