What do I explain to inactive Teamers to get them to reactivate?

If you are thinking of writing to your inactive Teamers to encourage them to change their payment method and you don’t know how to approach the communication, here are some ideas.

It is important that you always approach them with empathy and cordiality for the situation that person may be going through, as well as the possibility that they may have decided to stop collaborating with your Teaming Group voluntarily.

A good way to start any communication with the intention of asking them to reactivate would be to thank them for all the support they have given you during the time they have collaborated with your social cause.

Some communication ideas to reactivate your inactive Teamers:

  1. Write to them with an informative message. Inform them of the situation they are in. Although Teaming writes to them repeatedly, many people are not aware of their situation. It happens to all of us when our card expires or we change bank, be understanding and approach them with empathy. Here is an example:
    As this is a sensitive subject, we recommend that you start the email with a sentence like: ‘First of all, I would like to thank you for supporting us, for us every euro counts. We are writing to you because, we don’t know if you are aware of it, but you are not currently collaborating with our Group. Usually, it’s because the card has expired, so if you can log in to your Teaming profile to check it, that would be wonderful. So if you can, go here and reactivate your support: https://bit.ly/reactivar-Teaming. Thank you!’

2. Explain why this is important to you. Remind them of the purpose of your Teaming Group and how important it is for your social cause that they continue to help. You can mention a numerical equivalence that you have included in the destination of the funds, such as ‘Every 30 Teamers is one hour of research’.
3. Total number of inactive Teamers: tell them the total number of people who are not collaborating and that although €1 seems not to be noticed when it is added to more, the total is important. Both to support the cause, as well as when they do not receive it.
4. Concrete examples: following on from the previous message, explain concrete examples of what you could have done with all that help. For example, ‘We could have paid for one more physiotherapy session so that Carlos can continue to improve his motor skills every day’.
5. Being a Teamer: You can also remind them of the advantages of being a Teamer, such as the 80% tax deduction, that it is only €1 per month, how easy and safe it is…

As final tips, we would say that you should be especially careful with the message and the tone because of the personal situation that person may be going through. Also, always write to them with the respect and empathy that solidarity deserves.