What document is valid to verify my beneficiary account

In order to validate the beneficiary account for the funds collected in Teaming, you must attach an account verification document. In this post, we will help you understand the most frequent errors when attaching this document and explain in details exactly what we are looking for.

In order to verify the beneficiary account of the funds, we need a document issued by your bank that mentions both the account holder and the complete IBAN number.

  • If the document only reads Beneficiary, this is not enough for us to validate the Account holder as the Beneficiary field is filled manually and not validated by the bank and, as such, can not serve to validate your transfer.
  • Also, the document in question must be issued by the bank and, as such, have visible the logo of the entity. Any document that does not have a logo cannot be accepted.

In general, we recommend attaching a bank statement because it is a document where the bank specifically informs you of your bank details.