Other tips for your campaign

Besides all the recommendations for your campaign that you will find in this section, we give you some other pieces of advice for the emotional management for the persons who manage the campaign:

  • Trial and error. When we launch a campaign, our goal is not to do it perfectly with the first try. It’s possible that until our second or third communication we won’t get right the best way to get new Teamers. The actions that have been useful for other Teaming Groups may or not work for us and what it is good this year it may not work for the next three years. The important thing is to try again and again and to analyze what works for us in every communication, so we can repeat the best actions. The only way to know which are the best actions for your fundraising campaign is the trial and error.
  • Keep the motivation.  A fundraising campaign is very hard from an emotional point of view, especially if you are personally committed. Some people’s comments can get you or you can get frustrated if your campaign is not succeeding at the same level as you have imagined. But don’t worry, it happens to everyone so don’t feel bad. We recommend you to focus on the positive comments and on persons who give you energy.  Don’t waste your time and don’t do any effort with actions or people that take your motivation away. You are the. Tú eres el motor y mejor alejarse de aquello que te ponga freno.
  • Rely on other people.  To be the person in charge of the campaign and to be asked to give 100% of you all the time is a huge responsibility. That’s why we recommend you to rely on a team or other persons who can help you with some tasks. If you are launching the campaign in your entity, rely on your team or in a team of volunteers, rely on the most loyal Teamers or on your inners circle. If we have learned something in Teaming is that we can achieve greater things if we join together. 🙂
  • Insist on and persist.   This is one of the most important things to success with your Teaming Group and with any other fundraising campaign. Constancy is essential to raise funds. If you don’t get new Teamers or donors probably is not because you are doing anything wrong is just because you have to post more reminders and try new different things.

For example, you will find people who will say: “I’ll do it tomorrow”. And they won’t do it. Don’t think it’s because they don’t want to or because they have lied to you, no! Everyone is super busy and we don’t have time for anything – not even for ourselves-, so the most probable scenario is that this person forgot it or couldn’t. It’s possible also that this person is not as motivated now as he or she was at the moment you told about your Teaming Group. But don’t worry, both things – if they have forgotten or if they are less motivated- can be solved with one, to or three reminders 😛