Organising events to spread your Group

An event can be a great support act but we wouldn’t recommend it as the main action of your campaign.  On most occasions, the events won’t help you to get a lot of Teamers. However, the events can reinforce the main actions of your campaign.

Although the conversion is difficult in these functions, it’s not impossible so we give you some recommendations to increase the probabilities:

  • If you give a talk, a funny way to create interaction with the public and to get conversions is to ask how many of them to have a smartphone and guide them to visit the Group.
  • Recommend them to register in Teaming using the Facebook or Gmail button, it will be the quickest process because they won’t need to verify their email account. So, they won’t have any obstacle to do it right at the moment of your event.
  • If you give them some brochure, include a QR code and the link of your Teaming Group, so they can join the Group during the event or after it.
  • If the event is attended by people who don’t know you, ask them for their emails and their authorisation to send them a newsletter after the function. In this newsletter, you will have the opportunity to get more Teamers.
  • If it’s a benefic event– as a charity match or tournament-, we recommend you to have a volunteer with a laptop explaining the attendees that you have a Teaming Group and how they can join it. Although we strongly recommend you to have the laptop, it’s always better if they join with their smartphones while the volunteer guides them.