Influencers and celebrities

If you find some influencers or celebrities who want to help us with your awareness campaign, you will have a great opportunity to increase the number of Teamers of our Teaming Group. They have a lot of followers on Social Media or access to TV programs, two great channels to spread your Teaming Group. To make sure that their help has a high impact, we recommend you:

  • Direct link. It is important they include the direct link to your Teaming Group. If they just explain your cause but don’t mention where people can help you or the direct URL of your Teaming Group, the impact will be much lower.
  • Implication. If they don’t explain the cause in detail or don’t feel really implicated, you have to be grateful anyway for the help because it’s publicity. But the reality is that you will receive a lot of visits to your website or your Teaming Group but fewer conversions. We recommend you to count on one or two persons with a high implication instead of a lot of influencers or celebrities with less commitment to the cause.
  • Commitment. If they join the Group, the impact will be higher because it helps the people to trust the cause and believe they should help as well.
  • Long term relationship. If you build a strong relationship with them, their help will be priceless. The best way to achieve it is to contact them not only for help but also to give them updates about the cause. In other words, to treat them as a volunteer who you should give feedback to about how everything is going.
  • We recommend you to wait until the second stage of your campaign to contact influencers or celebrities. The reasons why are the same as we have included in the article: “Early birds: get 15-20 Teamers before launching the campaign” but, in this case, we recommend you to have at least 100 Teamers.