Supported countries on Teaming

The platform is currently only available to European countries. In other words, if you are from a country outside Europe, you would not be able to use the platform at the moment. We would love to be available to every country in the world one day, but we still have a little way to go there.

This applies both to people who want to donate their euro (Teamers) and to social causes. The latter means that the beneficiaries of the funds must be European entities (SEPA zone).

You should also know that the 0 Teaming commissions are only for eurozone countries. If you are from a European country outside the eurozone, you can take part in Teaming but your bank will charge you commissions for currency exchange and may charge you an international commission. In other words, Teaming does not charge you any commission but your bank could.

IMPORTANT: Since June 2020, within Europe, there are small limitations for a series of countries. This is due to the fact that we currently cannot cope with the workload caused by the revision of new Groups with our present team. For the countries in question, you will still be able to create a Group but we will only approve it as soon as any existing cause ceases to need our help or if we have more manpower to handle such requests. At the moment, we regret to inform you that we are not able to approve new Teaming Groups and we cannot estimate approval deadlines.

In case your Teaming Group is approved and published, we will let you know immediately via email. The following countries are impacted by these limitations:

  • Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Hungary, Germany and The Netherlands

All other countries within Europe can create and publish Groups normally following the standard process of creation.