How much does it cost to create a Group in Teaming?

Teaming is 100% free of charge. The euro donated to the Group – be it through credit/debit card or bank account – reaches the social cause in full.

This is possible because Teaming does not apply any platform fee. You won’t find any transaction fees either, thanks to our special agreement with Banco Sabadell within the Eurozone. This agreement is valid for all transactions using credit and debit cards and donations through bank account. Also, there are no transfer fees applicable to any transfer to a social cause through Teaming.

As a Teaming Manager, this means that the funds collected in your Teaming Group will reach you in full. Upon creation of a Teaming Group, you will be requested to enter a payment method as any other Teamer, and the euro thus paid monthly will reach the cause supported within your Group once you request the transfer of the funds, like the ones of the other Teamers of the Group. As such, the euro paid monthly is no fee, but a way for Teaming to ensure that you are committed to the cause.

However, you need to be aware that Teaming’s 0-fee agreement is only valid for Eurozone countries. If you are visiting us from a country within Europe that is not in the Eurozone, you will be able to take part in Teaming but your bank might charge you an exchange fee and, depending on the bank, it may charge you an international fee. In other words, Teaming won’t charge you any fee but your bank might.

Also, Teaming is able to guarantee a 0% transfer fee for all transfers to causes within Spain, but we cannot guarantee them for all transfers within Europe. For these, we can only tell you that Teaming will not charge you any fee, but we cannot guarantee that your bank won’t (even if they do it would be a very small amount).

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