Can Teaming delete my Group?

It is generally quite rare that Teaming deletes or blocks a Group. However, if a Group does not comply with any of the prerequisites to raise funds in Teaming, Teaming can delete or block this Group. This may happen if one or various of the conditions listed below occur:

  • the Group fails to comply with any of the prerequisites to raise funds on Teaming.
  • the Teaming Manager or the Group fails to comply with any of their obligations and responsibilities.
  • the Group has been reported. In case anybody reports the Group and can show solid arguments against it, the Teaming Manager must prove its innocence. Before blocking the Group, it is paused and remains so during the whole duration of the investigation.
  • Teaming was informed that the NGO supported by the Group has stopped all activities.
  • the Teaming Manager broke any of the usage standards on Teaming.

Other generic motives due to which a Group can be blocked:

  • we cannot verify the truthfulness of a Group. Teaming uses social engineering to know if a Group is genuine. In case it is not possible to verify the Group in such a manner, we would request additional documentation to the Teaming Manager of the Group. If the Teaming Manager cannot provide the required documentation, the Group will be blocked.
  • if the Group is promoted unlawfully. For instance, using mass emailing to Teamers belonging to other Groups, be it via the internal message service or the forum of another Group. We consider it a serious offence for a Teaming Manager to join a Group to explain its cause in the forum or internal mail box only to then quit this Group. Such a behaviour is only acceptable in one case: if you are Teaming Manager of several Group, it is up to you to promote one Group in the other Groups under your responsibility. For first offenders, Teaming will contact the Teaming Manager to alert them. If they reoffend, Teaming will block the Group right away.
  • if the requests for information sent by Teaming are left unanswered. Under certain circumstances, Teaming can need input from Teaming Managers to understand their Groups better or due to any other legal motive or Teaming standard. The Teaming Manager must answer such requests.

In case a Group has more than one Teaming Manager, each Teaming Manager is equally bound by the same obligations and responsibilities.