Planning your campaign

This is one of the most important parts of your Teaming Group: the planning of the awareness campaign that you are going to launch for your Teaming Group.  Before creating the content of the campaign – how you are going to communicate it – in this stage we would try to answer when, how much and to whom. What do we recommend you work on during this phase?

Who will lead and manage the campaign?

Once you have decided to create your Teaming Group, it is very important to know which people in the organization are responsible for implementing the plan you decide.

Teaming recommends that you try to involve different people in the organization and that these people are excited about the project.

What channels will you use?

Analyse which channels you have and which you think are the most appropriate to spread your Teaming Group. Ask yourself:

  • Do we have powerful social networks?
  • Do we have a BBDD to make an emailing?
  • Do we have following for our newsletter?
  • Do we have a Whatsapp Group that can be used as a shuttle?
  • Do we have volunteers who can act as loudspeakers?
  • Do we have influencers that can support us – in case of NGO-?
  • Our corporate website is followed by our employes – in case of Companies raising funds for NGOs?
  • Etc

It is not necessary to make a great analysis, but it is necessary to make the first decisions to organise and focus your campaign.

We recommend that you think of online channels that allow the person to join immediately. For example, an event can be a good support activity, but the main action should be able to have an easily accessible link so that the person can join at the moment.

We don’t always get it right the first time about which is our most powerful channel to spread our Teaming Group. And sometimes what’s good for some Groups doesn’t work for others. The reason is that we don’t all have the same target audience or the same type of community,

If your community is not big enough, you have two options: either you make your community grow before launching your Teaming Group campaign or you use your Teaming Group campaign to make it grow.

In short, trial and error is sometimes the only option until we find the key that tells us where our community is and how to make it grow – especially if we have not tried similar campaigns yet. Once you find the key channel, we recommend you use it for all your reminders.

When will we launch the campaign?

When we launch a campaign, it is important to mark the big dates on your calendar. This will allow us to set goals and will help us to start the campaign and to give it the impulse that your Teaming Group needs.

Insisting and not giving up is one of the keys for a Teaming Group to grow well. Regular communication is essential for a Teaming Group to go far. Therefore, we recommend that you also mark on your calendar when you will make echoes and reminders of the campaign.

A really good practice is to set the dates for the reminders beforehand, as you set the dates for the big campaigns. It makes it easier for us to maintain the constancy in the diffusion so that your Teaming Group continues to grow and does not limit itself to the initial impulse.