Early birds: get 15-20 Teamers before launching the campaign globally

It is important to prepare the Teaming Group before launching the campaign.  We are not only talking about the content or the picture of the Group. It’s also about creating the environment and the conditions to make it easier for people to join your Group. One of the things that helps to create this environment, is to get 15-20 Teamers before launching your campaign. Ask your friends, family or the closest people to the entity to join before anyone starts to visit the Group.

If you launch the campaign and there are no Teamers yet, the probabilities of success are fewer and you can get frustrated with the result. But if you launch the campaign with some Teamers, the odds of success increase significantly. Early birds make the difference.

How can you get the first Teamers?

Your family, your friends, your volunteers, your colleagues… Think about your inner circle, the ones you can ask a favour at a personal level. People who you can say to: “Look, I want to launch this campaign and I need your help. I need you to join the Group before launching because to support us, people need to know that others believe in the project”. Think about who you can talk in these terms and contact them just after creating the Group.

Why do we give you this recommendation?

Since we launched Teaming, we have seen a lot of awareness campaigns of a lot of Teaming Groups and we have tested that this is one of the most important things to do before launching. If you launch your campaign without Teamers, it’s very difficult that people who don’t know you will join the Group.

There are some psychological factors that influence this behaviour:

  • Trust. If they don’t know you very well but see that others have already joined the Group, is easier for them to trust you and to decide to join you.
  • Impact of their donation. If there’s no one in the Group yet, they can think that the donation won’t be useful. But if there are more people, they really feel that you all together will achieve great things.  Your inner circle could be concerned about this factor but they are going to join your Group anyway because they will do it for you or for your cause. However, it can influence considerably people less close to you or to the cause.
  • Feeling of belonging. This factor greatly influences in the campaign. If we visit the Group but there’s no one yet, we don’t feel the desire to belong to the Group. But If you see that there are more people like you there, you feel more open to joining. We have the same psychological behaviour when we want to go to a party or to enter into a restaurant and we see it’s empty: we probably won’t go. But if we see some people there, we will.