Uncollected donations list

In this list, you will find the returns of receipts that you have had in a month. They are all the donations that couldn’t be collected and have been returned.

Every 1st of the month, we increase your funds as many euros as you have Teamers, expecting to collect all the Euros. But some of them – between 1% and 3% on average – cannot be collected so we have to subtract them from the funds raised. In this list, we detail these uncollected donations.

Collection request date

This is the date when we requested the collection of this donation. Sometimes, the collections request date and the date of the return don’t coincide. We may have requested the collection in January, but it has not been returned until March. In this example, the collection request date is January 1st and the date of the return in March.

Date of the return

This is the date when the Teamer bank notifies Teaming that the donation could not be collected. It is also the date that this Euro will be subtracted from your collection. It can happen that you have more than one return of the same Teamer in the same month. You have to look at the date of the collection request (see the previous point). What happens is that this Teamer could have returned several receipts from different months at the same time.

A practical example: A Teamer appears to us three times in the month of March and the return date is the same on all three occasions. We look at the collection request date and see that the collection request date is January 1st, February 1st and March 1st. It means, that the same day he returned the three receipts. For this reason, it would appear to us three times.

Reason for return

Here you will find two options: “one-time error” or “inactive payment method”.  Based on the error notified to us by the Teamer bank, Teaming can deduct that the card or account with which Teamer was collaborating is still active. Based on this, we decide whether the error was occasional, or the payment method is inactive.

One-time error

In this case, the Teamer is still active and doesn’t need to do anything on his part to keep collaborating.  We will try to collect the donation again next month, as usual.  We consider that it’s a one-time error if the return receipt motive is:

  • Insufficient funds at the time of making the collection.
  • The bank has rejected the collection automatically – because it does not recognize the collection – in a timely manner.
  • The account is momentarily blocked (usually because some documentation is missing).
  • There is no specific reason.

 The payment method is not active

In this case, the Teamer collaboration is paused, and he/she needs to indicate a new payment method in order to continue collaborating.  We will not try to collect the donation again unless the Teamer indicates a card or an account again. Some of the reasons why we consider that the form of payment is inactive:

  • Card expired
  • Card blocked – for suspected fraud, theft or loss.
  • The Teamer has decided to return the receipt.
  • The account has changed.
  • Three errors in a row, so although the bank is not giving us enough information, we suspect that the account or card is no longer active.

It may happen that some Teamer tells us that their payment method is active but in Teaming it is not active. The reason could be that the Teamer bank provided us with the wrong reason for the return. This doesn’t happen often.

Teamer Status

The status may be inactive payment method, active, Unsubscribed or Deleted Teaming account payment. In all cases, we are talking about the status of the Teamer at the time you are viewing the list. Here we explain each of the states:

  • Active. The Teamer is currently collaborating, and you can count on his/her Euro for next month. If it was a one-time error, Teaming would never deactivate this user. If the type of error was an inactive payment method and the Teamer is now active, it means that he/she has reactivated the collaboration by indicating a new payment method.
  • Inactive payment method. We do not have an active payment method of this Teamer and, therefore, until he/she indicates a card or an account again, we won’t try to collect her/his monthly euro.
  • Unsubscribed. The Teamer no longer collaborates with the Group. This person remains a user on the platform, but the Teamer no longer donates one Euro per month in your Group.
  • Deleted Teaming account. The Teamer has deleted his Teaming account. You will not be able to see his name and surname for data protection reasons.