Tips for individuals

Any person can create a Teaming Group to help himself/herself, to help another person o to raise funds for an NGO. In any case, most of the tips for NGO can be applied to this kind of Teaming Group. However, we give you some specific recommendations:

1. If you are raising funds for an NGO:

  • Try to create a close relationship with the NGO. Contact them, tell them you have created this initiative and try to give them feedback about the progress of your Teaming Group. The relationship could be both sides, ask them for updates and share this information with the Teamers. And, if the relationship is close enough, depending on the policy of the NGO, the can share your example eventually.
  • Ask your friends and family to support the Group to launch the Group. Your goal is to help the NGO not only with funds but also to spread their cause to people that didn’t know them and didn’t give them any donations. So, if only your family and friends join the Group, that would mean great success.

2. If you are raising funds for yourself or for another persona: 

  • In this case, the important thing is to create a community. People who follow you and your updates and empathise strongly with you. Social Media is a great ally.
  • Explain in detail and frequently. The way to connect with your Teamers and get more support is to inform them about the updates, stories and the state of everything frequently. In this kind of Group, is even more important to share pictures, stories and details. For example, if it’s a treatment for a child, explain how these treatments are, how much they cost, how the child is improving, etc. Doing that will contribute not only to getting their support for a long time but also that they help you to spread your Teaming Group.