How to report an issue?

We want Teaming to be safe and transparent. For this to be possible, your help is key. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have seen any type of inappropriate or incorrect content on the website, if you are experimenting any issue or if you have a doubt about a Group. In all these

How can I delete my Teaming account?

If you want to unsubscribe from Teaming definitively and stop collaborating with any Group, let us guide you step by step to be able to unsubscribe easily. Access your Teaming account by clicking here. You will be asked to indicate the email and password you use for Teaming (unless you are already logged in, in

I forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password to access your Teaming account, worry not, we can help you set up a new one in a jiffy. To reset your password, click here. You will need to fill in the email used to register on Teaming and click on “Send”. Once done, Teaming will send you an

How much will I donate?

In Teaming we all donate 1€ per month per person and for each supported Teaming Group. No more and no less. The philosophy of Teaming is based on the idea that, with 1€, there is not much we can do, but if we join forces, we can achieve great things. We want everyone to be

Why has my transfer not been validated?

If your Teaming transfer could not be validated, Teaming sends you an email notification to help you fix anything that need to be fixed. Let us guide you through the most common cases. Common errors or things to fix: The document containing the account details is not correct. In order to verify the beneficiary account,

Il mio trasferimento non è stato ancora validato.

Se hai effettuato il trasferimento, ma non hai ancora ricevuto nostre notizie, stai leggendo l’articolo giusto. Possono esserci varie motivazioni: Hai effettuato il trasferimento meno di 15 giorni lavorativi fa.  Il processo di verifica impiega circa dai 3 ai 15 giorni lavorativi. Se è il tuo caso, la nostra squadra sta ancora controllando il tuo

Come trasferire i fondi raccolti?

I Manager di Teaming sono quelli che possono trasferire i fondi del conto Teaming al conto della causa sociale, attraverso un modulo sul web. Per recuperare il denaro raccolto su Teaming, segui i seguenti passi: Accedi al tuo accountTeaming (se non hai già effettuato l’accesso), cliccando qui. Ti verrà richiesto di inserire e-mail e password che