The Media

The Media are great allies. From our experience, the Media most impactful is TV, followed by radio and podcast and, finally, newspapers, first online and then offline.

For you to make the most of any opportunity to appear in the media, we give you these recommendations:

  • If they give you the opportunity to talk, don’t forget to mention all the channels through which they can with you. If you talk about your Teaming Group, mention that you are asking for a symbolic collaboration -just 1€/month- and the URL of your Group. Try that the URL of the Teaming Group is simple, you can change it in your private area.
  • If they give you the opportunity to talk, besides trying to connect emotionally with them – which is what we do generally-, tell them why and for what you need the funds.
  • If you don’t have the opportunity to talk, try to explain to the journalist why it is important for them to mention in the news the channels that are helping the fundraising. Some journalists don’t include this part because they think that the people will Google it or because they think that Teaming is a company and they don’t want to give us publicity. If it’s necessary, explain to them that Teaming is also a foundation and 100% free.
  • If it’s online news, ask them to include a link to your collaboration channels. A beautiful article that doesn’t link or mention how they can help you will help your reputation as an entity but not the conversion.
  • If it’s a piece of offline news, it is more complicated to get Teamers but ask them to include the channels to collaborate with you and the direct link to the Teaming Group.
  • We recommend you to wait until to be in the second stage of your campaign to appear in the Media. The reasons why are the same as we have included in the article: “Early birds: get 15-20 Teamers before launching the campaign” but, in this case, we recommend you to have at least 100 Teamers.