Why has my transfer not been validated?

If your Teaming transfer could not be validated, Teaming sends you an email notification to help you fix anything that need to be fixed. Let us guide you through the most common cases.

Common errors or things to fix:

  • The document containing the account details is not correct. In order to verify the beneficiary account, you will need to obtain a document from your bank displaying both the account holder and the full IBAN. Said document needs to be issued by the bank and, as such, show the logo of the bank. Any document without a logo will not be accepted by us.
  • The ID card attached by you is not the ID card of the Teaming Manager. The identification document needs to be under the same name as the name provided by the Teaming Manager. If you are using a pseudonym, we will ask you to change the name to your right name until your transfer is validated. You can then revert to the pseudonym. If the Teaming Manager is actually using the name of a minor, we will ask you to attach the ID card of their legal guardian. If the Teaming Manager is using the name of an NGO, you will still need to attach the ID card of the person physically requesting the transfer.
  • The ID card attached by you is missing a side. In order to validate the identification document, you need to attach both sides of it into the dedicated form. You can scan both sides separately and attach each of them in the two fields available.
  • The account provided is a personal account while you are an NGO. All registered NGO, charities and organisations must provide a dedicated account. We will not allow transfers to personal accounts in such cases. If you have not yet created such an account, you will need to do so before transferring the funds. If you get this error but you think we might have understood your case incorrectly, please check your Group and make 100% sure that your situation is explained clearly. If you are an individually-led cause and not a registered NGO, charity or organisation, please state so in your Group.
  • Your Group is missing a picture or details. To transfer the funds, you will need to fill in a minimum of details in your Group, such as: a Group picture (if you are unsure how to upload one, click here), a beneficiary and a link to your website if you have one.
  • The document cannot be read. This can mean that the document is too blurry for us to read correctly or that the format of the document is not valid and we cannot open it. Try and take a new picture and attach it again in the form.

If you still have doubts, please contact us.