The content of the campaign

It is very important that you take the time to think about how the campaign will be launched. Also, how the reminders will be, which will probably take less time but you will need them to be very effective as well. When preparing the email, posts, texts or any of the content you have decided for your campaign, we recommend that you take into account the following:

  • Be precise and explain what you want to achieve very specifically. Be specific about the reason why you are asking them for help and how you are going to use the funds. Answer the question: What are you going to achieve in the social cause with these funds? For example, it is for research, for buying food for a family, paying for the scholarship of 100 children in Senegal, etc.
  • Just 1€/month. It’s essential to mention that you need just 1€/month from them. We know it is obvious, but people need to be sure about the commitment they are taking if they decide to help you. We recommend you mention that their donations are free of commissions, so every Euro is for the cause.
  • Explaining what Teaming is. Sometimes it is helpful to explain what is Teaming, that we are already 7 years online and that we have already raised over 15 million Euros for other social cause. It will help to generate trust. But only mention this if you think it’s necessary considering the context and the target.
  • A number is worth a hundred words. Expressions such as “with every 100 Teamers, we can pay for food to help a child” or “with every 20 Teamer we can pay for the scholarship of one child in Senegal”. You make people know why their Euro matters.
  • Images, videos: STORIES Images and videos are more attractive than other materials and help to convince people to join your Teaming Group. Explaining your cause through a story helps people to better understand what you do. They will connect with you.
  • The call-to-action. Don’t forget to include the direct link of your Group in your contents. It’s not enough if you have included the URL in the image or if you have mentioned in the content that you have a Teaming Group. Make it easy for them: they need a link to click on and to help them to go directly to your Group.